Download Mobdro for Linux (Ubuntu/Debian/Mint/Fedora)

Linux has always been a pioneer as a platform for operating systems. With Ubuntu, Linux is leading the computing OS market with the most advanced operating system platform ever made. Although, if we talk about running Mobdro on Ubuntu then it’s not officially available at the moment. However, we have found our ways to get Mobdro for Linux.

Mobdro is an online video streaming and downloading application which can satisfy all of your entertainment needs. Furthermore, this application is designed to take entertainment to its extreme level by offering seamless features at no cost. Mobdro is seriously loaded with gigantic features like Chromcast support, HD video support, eye soothing UI and much more. And if you go for the Mobdro premium APK, you will get even more benefits.

Mobdro was launch exclusively for Android and sadly it doesn’t support any other OS to date. Despite Android being based on Linux platform, Mobdro is still not officially available for the Linux operating system not even a Mobdro Desktop App. I am sure that you really want to try out this awesome application which is offering so many features. If you want to know more, you can check out the Mobdro review.

So why should the operating system boundaries make the difference? So, we thought to find a way to run mobdro on Ubuntu or any other Linux operating system.

How To Run Mobdro for Linux

Shashlik Installation and Mobdro APK Downloading

  1. Download latest mobdro APK by clicking this link – Mobdro APK Download.
  2. Download Shashlik latest version from its official website by clicking this link – Shashlik Download Page.
  3. Double click on the download file and install it. (Alternatively, you may open the terminal and run this command wget
  4. Now install it using this command sudo dpkg -i shashlik_0.9.3.deb

Installing and Running Mobdro On Ubuntu

  1. Open and run this command in terminal cd /home/username/directory/where/apk/file/is
  2. Once you enter the directory of APK, run the file using this command shashlik-run mobdro.apk mob do
  3. You will now see an Android smartphone-like window opening up with Mobdro running.

In Conclusion

I hope that this article helped you with running Mobdro for Linux (Ubuntu). Shashlik is capable of running mobdro for Ubuntu really smooth and will give you the best experience of watching your favorite videos.

If you have any queries or want to share some thoughts, feel free to drop them in the comments section. We would love some ideas from you as well. And don’t forget to share this to help other Linux-based OS users.

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