Download Mobdro for iPhone and iPad (iOS) App

Mobdro is certainly the best application to watch your favorite shows. Currently, the developers have delivered Mobdro online TV and Mobdro sports Channels. This application is so good that people want it to run on other popular platforms like iOS, Mac, Mobdro for Windows PC, and Mobdro for Linux based operating system. But it’s not the case, Mobdro developers have only launched Mobdro on limited platforms for now. But what if you want Mobdro iOS application or Mobdro on Apple iPhone or iPad?

Mobdro iOS

Mobdro is available for Android and PC platforms, but the sad part is, Mobdro iOS application is not available yet. Since you have visited our website, we will help you to find Mobdro alternative which is really similar to Mobdro. The app name you should use as an alternative to Mobdro is CinemaBox for iOS (iPhone & iPad).

CinemaBox is available to iOS and just like Mobdro, you don’t need to pay any subscription charges. This application is similar with Mobdro so that you don’t feel the absence of Mobdro Apple iOs application. With CinemaBox you will get the same experience and smooth UI as of Mobdro application.

Other than Cinemabox application, you can also try some other paid application like Netflix and Hotstar. These two paid applications are worth the money you will spend. They also have Android version as well as an iOS version for Mobdro. However, if you are strictly seeking a free alternative then you should try Cinemabox iOS application.

Mobdro iOS Application Download (Mobdro for Apple iPhone or iPad)

Since we have already mentioned above that Mobdro for iOS is not officially available. So, here we are representing CinemaBox application as an alternative to Mobdro apple. So before using Cinemabox application, you should check the features of this application. Although the features of this application are very similar to Mobdro but still you should go through the features real quick.

This app is simple and holds a very neat UI which again gives you a premium application feel. CinemaBox database holds thousands of videos such as Movies, TV Shows, Sports that too without any subscription charge.

Despite serving advertisement in order to support the server costs of CinemaBox, they don’t place annoying ads or popups. The advertisements served on this application is bearable is nothing in front of the features you get with this application.

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